Monday, August 25, 2014

Fashion Play for Her and Him Hunt

October 15TH - November 15TH
Application Deadline Sept 23, 2014
Grid Wide Hunt
Hunt Object: Fashion Code
Hunt Price: 1L$

Limit Store: (or more if needed)
50 Store For HIM
50 Store For HER

Fashion Play Hunt for HIM & HER are separate hunts, if you want to join both hunts please make sure to put that in the application to receive the "first pack" and the "last pack".

Application can be found here: (in the Fashion Play Hunt Notecard)

You can drop the application in the mailbox.

SHGH (Serenity Heaven Gridwide Hunt)
Thank you ~♥

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Surf's Up Gatcha Event Opens Applications for Designers

We would like to invite you to our First Annual Summer Gatcha Event running from July 21st to Aug 3rd!  Check out the Flickr event page for any Gatcha keys posted there!

We had to choose a theme for this event and we're sure you have guessed that it's a summer theme, Just think about what you usually do when it's summer! Surf's Up is the title of the event and I know you will come up with something to celebrate the season!

Please make something that we won't see on Marketplace or YET sold in your store as a product, so please be creative!  :)

Upon acceptance to our event, we will send you our required gatcha machine to use (No Transfer, No copy) with our preset prices and will invite you the group for our "merchant gatcha" and make sure the permissions of your items are no copy.

Here is the information and make sure you have all what you need

Event: Surf's Up Gatcha
Gatcha Prizes: 15L$, 30L$ or 75L$ (No Less/No More)
Cost for entering: Free
Theme: Summer
Number of gatcha: 1 or 2
Participation end: July 15th
Starting Date: July 21st (ends Aug 3rd)
Product can be for male, female or unisex

Thank you for your interest in our event!

Some Rules:
•Be prepared in time
- if items not placed before July 21st, you won't participate in this event!

•Be nice with your customers
-If a customer have paid the gatcha and didn't receive the item please make sure he/she receives something. (Make sure you know they have paid first)

-If we get complaints from customers and you don't respond after being contacted several times, we will return your gatcha.

•Ultra rare & Rare Items
- Do not give Ultra rare or Rare Items to a (friend, family, customer, etc.) they come to play, they don't come for a give away!

All we want is you to be respectful, mature, and responsible.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Once you are confirmed as a designer for the event, you are welcome to post your gatcha keys at the newly formed Flickr group by clicking here

From Serenity Heaven Hunt Group ♥
Nena (Nena Easterwood)
иɑïℓɑ Ð. ρнɑɴтღʍнινє (joliesarah24)
wιℓℓιαм50 ρнɑɴтღʍнινє (william50)
Terriwinslowe Resident

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Serenity Heaven Easter Egg Hunt Goes Gridwide!

April 1st - 30, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt gives to the hunters a way to have fun like they were little kids, all trying to find the hidden eggs with their hidden prize!

The hunt is a random unisex prize or an easter prize made from the store, but can be made from an associated store.

Each shop will have 1 to 5 eggs hidden in certain different places, the hunt can be hard or easy, but need to be visible for the hunters and to even help the hunters, there will be hint for each hidden eggs.

*Please do NOT message store owners for the locations of the hunt items. Only communicate the store owner for more extra hints help!

**Please respect all designers who have offered their participation with their work for a no cost hunt.

The starting location will be from Serenity Heaven Roleplay Clothing Mall.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Divalicious Designs Upcoming Events

We have a ton of events we are participating over the next month or so - here is a rundown:

Skin Fair 2014 - Mar 14 to March 30th


MC Fashions SUPER STAR Event from March 14th until  27th March


Spring Market Fair and Umbrella hunt Hunt 2014
March 28th  - April 21st  2014 at Old Europe
under the fairs and schedules tab..  


MC Fashions Easter event and  Hunt -  March 31st to April 23th


Serenity Heaven Easter Egg Hunt at our sim - April 1st to 30th


Flawless Hug the Earth Cart Sale and Hunt
April 11th to 27th, 2014


Arabian Nights 2 Gridwide Hunt
From:  April 15 - May 15, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Divalicious Designs Blogged!

So wonderful to see one of my latest gowns blogged - she looks gorgeous in it!

A wonderful lady, Love Trill, ran into me while I stole a few moments in between designing to check out the famous Wash Cart Sale... was so touched by her lovely words about me:

I ran into a lovely lady, Tekila who loved my hair designs and blogged one I made special for Valentine's Day!  You can peek at her blog here:

Thanks Tekila you rock!!

<3 Nena

Friday, October 25, 2013

Our Serenity Heaven Hunt Featured!

Episode 39 of the Happy Hunting! series has included our Serenity Heaven Hunt!  You can watch the full video entitled Happy Hunting! Episode 39 - Sour Pickles & MadPeas! at:

Many thanks to the staff of Happy Hunting!

~ Nena

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Serenity Heaven Hallowe'en Hunt!

We will be hiding 13 prizes around the Serenity Heaven Sim for you to find... including some fantasy skins and much more!  Come check it out!  The hunt runs from Oct 14th to 31st ... see you there!!

Here are the hunt prizes as we create them... first we start off with some Fantasy skins by Divalicious Designs:


1. Shadow Queen hunt gift including skin, hair and eyes only, donated by Nena Easterwood

 2. Wisteria Wishes hunt gift including skin, hair and eyes only, donated by Nena Easterwood

3. Lavender Love hunt gift including skin, hair and eyes only, donated by Nena Easterwood

4. Ice Princess hunt gift including skin, hair and eyes only, donated by Nena Easterwood

5. Ivy Tendrils hunt gift including skin, hair and eyes only*, donated by Nena Easterwood. *Diva Cleora Mesh Boots available for sale at Divalicious Designs, Serenity Heaven.



We have a cool witch outfit by Jeanette of LaCroix Designs



Xy of Xy Stuff created a cool sign you can use to decorate your place!


Gifts donated by Pol Baxton: